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Dear HVBBA Members,

The United States Trustee has finalized the procedures for telephonic 341s including noticing. The chapter 7 and chapter 13 trustees have begun renoticing 341 that were adjourned due to COVID-19 and you should receive those notices via ECF. For 341s that have not yet been held, they will now be via telephone not in-person. Newly filed cases will have Notices of Commencement issued by the Clerk’s Office that reflect telephonic 341s.


1.            You must provide the trustee with an imaged copy of the debtor’s photo identification and proof of the debtor’s social security number in advance of the meeting.  These documents must uploaded to the trustee’s secure portal at least 1 day prior to the 341 meeting. Good quality cell phone photos will be accepted. Please make sure the debtor has these items in-hand when calling into the 341 so the trustee can verify the information.

2.            Attorney must submit declaration regarding debtor’s identity (attached). This document may be modified as necessary.


If you have any questions about a 341 please first check the docket before contacting the trustee. Also note that the chapter 13 trustee has a special email address dedicated to questions about 341s. It is monitored constantly throughout each business day. The email address is


Attached to this email is a listing of each trustee and their 341 meeting conference call-in information as well as pointers regarding participation in telephonic 341s. Please ensure that your clients have this information and understand what is expected of them on the telephone.

Christian Dribusch877-960-17978898748 #
Lori Lapin-Jones866-818-96445280969 #
Marianne O’Toole877-914-32367007434 #
Fred Stevens877-725-80963662309 #
Mark Tulis877-972-25889458410 #
Krista Preuss877-721-69816031226 #

*NOTE: Krista has a special email address exclusively for questions regarding 341s. This email can be used by attorneys,  debtors, creditors, or interested parties.
Please contact:

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